The most common errors with betting

A lot of amateur bettors betting on football only in the context of big tournaments (MS, EURO) and it is therefore logical that when a given sport betting 1x in two years, may commit costly mistakes that can make a big hole in their bankroll. Therefore, in addition to tips for you to achieve success also represents the most common mistakes when betting on football.

1) Revaluation favorite

Experienced football bettors know that the basic groups of major football tournaments it often seems that there is a big favorite and also a big outsider. Thanks to his experience, but they also know that this appearance is usually deceiving. In fact, this is often quite competitive outsider. You have to remember that in order to get the team to MS must be of a certain quality. Some teams have qualified easier thanks to its geographical position, but even so you can not expect that terribly large number of matches end class difference.

Its role is happiness, motivation outsider creative tactics devised a good coach and a lot of other factors. There is simply no certainty, no matter how much is the strong favorite.

2) Revaluation underdog

In the previous section, we told you that you should not overestimate the favorites, but it is equally important to overestimate nor outsiders. Quite a lot of bettors specifically relies on outsiders and expects some surprising results. Although you tend to occur, however, the question whether such an approach will be profitable in the long run.

If the favored team sufficient motivation, a good coach and has injured key players, winning is much closer than the outsider. It is important to avoid resorting to extremes, whether it’s about favorites or underdogs. Every game you should independently analyze. Only on the basis of the results of your analysis, you can make betting decisions.

3) let it affect the public and the media

A lot of bettors tend to be part of the “herd.” Virtually unqualified incorporate the views of other bettors, authors, sports articles and so on. The problem is that The betting public normally has several teams which created practically mythical aura … but in reality the teams may not be (and often are) not terribly strong.

You should rely mainly on their own opinions. If your estimates are more accurate than the estimates of the general public, you can earn good money. More information on this topic see the article How to conduct affects the public betting strategy? Betting against the public, and to maximize profits.

4) Poor choice of bookmakers

Whether you bet on any sport, to achieve success is choosing the appropriate bookmakers essential. Different bookmakers have different levels of courses … and you definitely want to always bet with the best possible rate. Due to this fact is also an ideal solution to create a user account for multiple sázkovek – in this case, you will always be able to evaluate which sázkovka on the game offers the best odds and subsequently with her bet. Favorable exchange rates and offers bonuses for example Sportingbet.

5) Expectations offensive explosion

In football generally falls less goals than in other sports. This is worsened by the fact that in the great tournament teams almost always “play everything,” so it would certainly be unwise to throw headlong into the attack. Due to these facts in a lot of matches fall even just 2 wickets – by historical statistics on MS and euro pays to bet on the under.

Close result often ends and matches the favorites with big underdogs, of which remains intact despite the offensive star of the team. You simply have to get used to the fact that in most cases no gólových throws corner.

10 tips on how to successfully bet on football and what mistakes to avoid

Football is the most popular sport bettors at all. A more popular at a time when brewing some big international tournament, which is the current case. World Cup 2014 starts on the 13th of June and the punters and fans around the world have to grind matches the best teams in the world. If you are not terribly experienced punters but you successfully bet on football (and in particular the upcoming matches MS), follow the advice that we introduce in this article.

Types for success

Below you will find 5 tips that you should take to heart every punter who wants to successfully bet on football. Huge amounts of bettors unfortunately ignores these basic principles, which is ultimately worth a lot of money.

1) Allow draws

Many bettors ignores the possibility of a draw, which is a big mistake. Within almost every football tournament is a draw in regular time goes relatively large number of matches. Teams are cautious because every hesitation can mean elimination, so you can not expect any offensive feast (especially in a match of two balanced teams).

If you bet on the match and want to get rid of a tie, you can bet betting type “no tie”, however it offers a lower rate than normal THREEWAY betting. The possibility of a tie, you have to think when betting on the total number of goals, but there draw not a bad result – may in fact help your under or over bet.

2) Do not count on the fact that teams always rub up

Sometimes it happens that the team do not match maximum. In football such a scenario occurs more frequently than in other sports and it is quite possible that a similar situation will occur at this year’s MS (in basic groups, when they will have a team sure to advance to the knockout phase). If the team does not matter the outcome, so logically players do not “ride on the ass.”

3) Do not be blinded reputation

Punters are often leave blind reputed teams (countries) and their biggest stars. This point is particularly important in the context of the international tournament (MS, EURO) because they are held only once every four years, which means that the reputation is not always the “current.” That’s what happened during the last two years (or even during the last decade), has little influence on what happens on the pitch today.

When you bet on football, you must ensure that you bet on the team that you now see in front of you – not on a team that is already history. This point is partly positive but, if you can correctly evaluate the strength of the team, you can at excessively high reputation of any team earn as The betting public is usually allowed to manipulate the majority opinion.

4) Look at the style of play

As in any sport, in football it does not always win the better team. It is sometimes surprising result rather predictable – especially if you do not fit the playing styles of the teams. For example, if a strong favorite offensive team may have trouble against a team that focuses on total defensive. The more you know about the style of play of the team, the better you will be able to predict what the outcome achieved.

5) Ask the Experts and educate themselves

If you have someone in your area who specializes in football, do not be afraid to tell him for advice. When planting, do not have to do everything yourself. Opinions real experts are of great value, because these people are constantly watching football matches and analyze play the teams. Be careful of who you trust. The media is acting a lot of wannabe experts who have in fact findings “sucks the thumb.” Furthermore, you can also use our tips or begin to discuss on our forum.

Naturally, we must continually educate yourself, because the world is still betting moves ahead of you and you simply can not afford to be left behind. Valuable information can be found for example in section betting on football.

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